Automate your AP Invoices into CargoWise! | CargoDoc

CargoDoc is compatible with your CargoWise system. Capture AP invoices directly to your ERP system.

You can use CargoDoc with our without provisions/buy rates added onto the system. Below is an overview of what you can expect by using this automated data entry tool.

1. With or Without Provisions 

– Easy reconciling of invoices to vendor statements for finance department 

– Accuracy and timeously capturing of data ensures real time visibility of shipment file costs 

– Under recovery of shipment costs is easily identified and can be recovered in time from the client. 

– Assisting procurement to negotiate better rates per trade lane. 

– Increase overall productivity and profitability of the business by spending more time analyzing shipment file data than capturing data. 

2. Without Provisions

– Buy rates of vendors do not need to match on CW1 system to capture data of invoice 

– and no. 1

3. With Provisions

– Agreed rates with vendors are added onto the system 

– When AP invoice amounts agree to provision- automatic posting of invoices can be done to eliminate checking of rates, over billing

– and no.1

– Increase in procurement management to increase profitability of the business 

Watch the full demo below:-