Boost Efficiency & Compliance with CargoWise’s Customs Solutions in Brazil

We are delighted to share exciting news about the latest updates in CargoWise’s integrated solutions for custom clearance.

Custom Manifest (CCT) – Mandatory in Brazil – Flights & Vessels

Starting July 1st, all companies operating in Brazil must adhere to the new mandatory requirement of Custom Manifest (CCT). It is crucial for companies to present the Customs manifest at least 4 hours before flight and vessel arrival to avoid penalties. Non-compliance with this regulation can lead to significant fines of $1000 USD per house. To ensure your business stays compliant and penalty-free, make sure to configure your system correctly and provide the necessary operator training.

Customs Brokerage Module – Enhanced Functionality – March ’23

CargoWise introduces its highly anticipated Customs Brokerage module in Brazil, empowering you to navigate customs processes with ease and efficiency.

With this native functionality within the CargoWise platform, you can now seamlessly handle customs procedures, benefiting from streamlined workflows, enhanced accuracy, and guaranteed trade compliance.

Nota Fiscal – Streamlined Reporting – Jan ’23

CargoWise has achieved seamless integration with the API’s published by the Prefeitura for 12 cities across the country including Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to report sales of taxable services through the Nota Fiscal Electronica de Servicos (NFSe) system.

When configured eligible, accounts receivable transaction messages are sent to the web service published by the relevant city tax authority with whom ISS is incurred, and response messages containing NFSe authorization numbers and references are then received and recorded against transaction.

This integration empowers you to effortlessly report sales of taxable services through the Nota Fiscal Electronica de Servicos (NFSe) system.

With CargoWise, eligible accounts receivable transaction messages are automatically sent to the web service of the relevant city tax authority. This ensures compliance with tax regulations and facilitates the recording of NFSe authorization numbers, streamlining your tax reporting process.

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Source: CargoWise