Top 4 CargoWise One Updates To Look Out For

Update #1 

Currency Revaluation Adjustment 

Applicable for all regions, the currency adjustment (revaluation) process update can be utilized for accounts receivables and accounts payables. 

When configured, the system will auto-calculate the unrealized exchange difference and auto-post a Reversing General Ledger journal after the sub-ledger has been closed. A copy of the revaluation report will also be automatically attached to the GL journal’s eDocs tab. 

This is a one-time setup and once exchange rates are updated in the registry, the system automatically performs the revaluation, saving on time and hassle of the users. It’s highly recommended that you revalue the receivables and payables outstanding balances in foreign currency on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly. 

Update #2 

Supply Chain Security – Certified Haulier 

Transport companies operating in EU, Lie Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and United Kingdom may be Regulated Agents or certified/approved by the appropriate authority to act as a certified haulier. To support these companies, Supply Chain Security functionality has been enhanced to support Certified Hauliers (CH). 

When logged into a company with CH status on CargoWise One, an additional drop-down menu for various Approved types including CH – Certified Haulier, is enabled, with editable fields for data entry. 

Update #3 

New Service Task 

For South African CargoWise One users, a new Service Task called “ZCP – ZA Customs Message Processor” has been added to the list of existing Service Task for ZA Customs EDI messages. 

Previously, when the EDI (Electronic Data Interface) failed, the client had to draft and submit an e-request / incident to CargoWise One explaining how their customs jobs was not submitted to SARS (South African Revenue Service) including the reason and penalty fee if the goods weren’t submitted by the deadline. 

In the past this was happening often due to a few service task failures when transferring the data from CargoWise One to SARS and vice versa. With this updated service task, the user can check and re activate it again. 

These updates also apply to other ZA Customs Jobs that rely on EDI to communications such as Cargo Reports and STATAC Messages. 

Update #4 

Improved cargo dimensions for consols  

Applicable for all regions, this update ensures that each packline of each shipment and each container attached to a consol will not exceed the specified size limitations. This reduces the risk of oversized cargo being incorrectly placed on the console. 

The client can perform this setup on CargoWise One by specifying their Consol details. If it does not correspond with the attached shipment, the system will display an error on job, thus validating Shipment Packs against pre-allocated maximum size.