Webtracker and BPO Ecosystem

In this video, our Digital Adoption Strategist Imrah R Chizyuka, speaks about a common, well-trodden journey our clients at SFL take with our solutions.
They usually start off by adopting ‘Web Tracker’ which is the #CargoWise built shipment visibility tool, and then they move onto the more advanced, customizable ‘SFL Insights’ – which is the white-label mobile & desktop app that basically brings all of your shipment data into the palm of your hands.
But throughout these steps, our clients have utilized our traditional and non-traditional BPO services as well. Why, you wonder? Well, watch this video to find out!
To discuss getting started on your logistics business’s own journey with such solutions, feel free to book a consultation call with us via our website or email us: connectwithus@softfreightlogic.com