Why Freight Forwarders should use CargoWise?

Developed by Australian-based WiseTech Global, CargoWise is an integrated digital management solution.

It is used by companies operating in the logistics and supply chain industry in over 130 countries.

This single-platform software solution enables Logistics Service Providers execute complex tasks in freight forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance, tracking, shipping, land transport, e-commerce and cross-border compliance. Using CargoWise, freight forwarders and other logistics service providers can manage their operations on one database across multiple users, functions, countries, languages, and currencies.

CargoWise helps freight forwarders and logistics service providers successfully meet their end to end operational and sector focused demands in their industry. Using CargoWise, data only needs to be entered once and it becomes accessible across the company’s entire worldwide operations and it becomes possible to pull the same data through the various modules in CW1.

24 of the Top 25 Global Freight Forwarders and 41 of the Top 50 Global 3PL Providers are currently using CargoWise One.

Freight Forwarders could use WiseCloud to get round the clock access to global disaster recovery capability, upgrades and maintenance, data management, backup and continuity planning across for their businesses.

CargoWise was developed by WiseTech Global and the parent company’s promise to their customers is that their product will help increase their operational productivity, integration, communication, and automation within the supply chain network.

Freight Forwarders can highly automate their operations using CargoWise and significantly reduce errors. CargoWise help Freight Forwarders clear customs more efficiently as well.

With the continuous updates by Wisetech Global and team, your business can be rest assured that the system is in line with the latest regulations. What does this mean? It means that you can submit your customs directly to your Customs Office and it will be accurately submitted, ensuring that your company is not liable for fines or penalties. The other advantage is that rebates are calculated automatically ensuring your business saves where it needs to.

Freight forwarders using CargoWise can build greater trust between their partners and clients since greater transparency is made possible thanks to the platform. In addition, Freight forwarders can also make instant bookings and integrate trucking and rail in their transport modes using the system. CargoWise ensures that the users’ data is stored both online and offline.

CargoWise automatically receives and updates shipments and send them to the shippers to make the lives of the Freight Forwarders easier. The platform also facilitates communication between the freight forwarders and their key stakeholders including:

  • Port Authorities
  • Customs Offices
  • Agents
  • Depots
  • Shipping Lines

In summary Freight Forwarders can

  • Automate processes and digitize them
  • Speed up processes
  • Reduces errors
  • Get data to make accurate predictions for shipments
  • Make the data available online and accessible by anyone, anytime and anywhere
  • Provide valuable analytics
  • Improves transparency to the entire freight forwarding process.

Stay ahead of the game and move from a Traditional Freight Forwarder to a Global Freight Forwarder. 

What is CargoDoc?

CargoDoc is a smart OCR AI software that will help automate your data entry into CargoWise. This will make the process more accurate and cost-effective. For more information and a product demo email us at sales@cargodoc.ai or visit our website cargodoc.ai

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