CargoWise One Automation for an Early Adopter


Regional logistics provider headquartered in Malaysia. 250+ staff in 6 offices located in South East Asia. Service portfolio encompasses freight forwarding, road transport and warehousing.


Customer had challenges in three levels of organization functions: administrative, operations and finance. As an early adopter of CargoWise, the system set up was local without a global macro view of operations and the system lacked synchronization between the different offices. This resulted in the loss of global visibility across the offices as well as the lack of uniform policies and processes between all companies.

Administrative: Utilized CargoWise on a standalone basis despite having a global system. Prevented corporate office from having a global view of the business.

Operational: Unable to utilize automation functions to increase productivity and provide real-time shipment visibility to customers.

Finance: Lacked a global chart of accounts across all companies preventing accurate and timely reporting to management. Generating reports from CargoWise and recreating reports in excel, doubling data entry and increasing error for performance reporting at the micro and macro levels.


Project 1: SFL performed a remote system audit to diagnose all the current challenges and the productivity losses. A roadmap was created to address vulnerabilities and optimize the system performance.

Project 2: 4 day on-site workshop by SFL top management with customer’s super user team to re-train users on new chart of accounts set up for the group

Project 3: Documentation of policies and structures were provided to ensure best practices were followed for system maintenance (master data, new departments etc)

Project 4: Security rights created to allow each country operations to be decentralized but with key controls at corporate office

Project 5: Rates and Tariffs modules were introduced to capture all quotes through CargoWise One

Project 6: Job management, GL & Charge Codes and System generated reporting created

Project 7: Automation for invoice approval, customizing dashboards and removing double-entry of carrier messaging functions were put in place.


30 – 50% Increase in Speed of invoicing
Using auto rating/costing.

360 View
Head Office Controls and Monitoring of Individual companies.

*Real time*
Visibility of Job Status

100% Training o Super Users on capabilities required.

2 Customs and 45 EDI Messaging in 2 Countries UK – USA.

100% Remote Working Capabilities through system automation.