How to Achieve a High ROI on your Software.

Cost On Additional Integrations Saved

Investing in a best-in-class ERP software like CargoWise One may seem expensive, but eliminates the need to spend on additional integrations such as EDI connectivity to other stakeholders i.e.:

  • Overseas Partners*
  • Customers*
  • Airlines
  • Shipping lines
  • Consolidators
  • Customs

*Users of the same ERP CargoWise One

Average Spend = (No. Of EDI Connections x Stakeholders) + Internal Resources**

**Such as man hours spent by IT Team

Recover IT Spend

With saturation and competition from integrators to direct customers, commodification of data provides a new source of revenue and competitive advantage.

ERP provides a method of sharing real-time data that customers are willing to pay for around business analytics and integrations

Customer Acquisition

Measure the additional clientele your business can attract once your ERP provides API capabilities that enable plug-and-play data flows.

Sales & Marketing teams to promote and leverage the IT investment by positioning the value additions (such as dashboards, mobile app, client portals, track & trace) for digital visibility that increase in-bound marketing opportunities.

Cost of Retention

Apportion potential revenue lost to digitally integrated competitors, who are able to acquire your customers with online forwarding tools. Acquiring the right ERP software will enable customer retention as well as opportunities to deep sell.

Savings with Automations

Calculate staff productivity with manual processes (number of hours spent per person per shipment) and the hours that can be saved post automation. Add up the cost of running a sizeable office, the rent per square meter, the utilities, the cost of administrative expenses, and consider the increase of throughput and efficiency within the same office space and team.