Robot Process Automation Increasing Efficiency of BPO.


A multinational company leading in European finished vehicle logistics and a top 10 global partner in multimodal supply chain solutions, the customer has 300 destinations across five continents.


At their Australian office, the company sought to gain throughput from their staff. It was observed that staff were spending a large proportion of their time on clerical data entry and low value items. This was primarily around customs compilations that was running into hundreds of lines an invoice and the company required a more efficient method of data entry without an increase staff overheads.

The company also had trouble auto-rating and auto-costing as maintaining rate contracts of carriers – truckers, airlines and shipping lines – was not done on the system due to the manual entry and time taken to do so.


With SFL’s Business Process Offshoring service, SFL was able to provide a back office process to maintain and update monthly tariffs, enabling the sales and operations teams the visibly to quote and auto rate.

SFL also took over the compilation of customs declaration forms and updated line items for the customs teams in the company. As the staff no longer needed to enter data, they were able to focus on more business critical tasks such as checking and submitting the forms and also provided more accuracy to the process. Due to the time criticality of customs compilation required, SFL provides a 24/7 365 day offshoring support including Sundays so that customs documents could be processed with speed.

The next stage was to transition the rates and tariffs data entry from a manual back office processing facility to an automated solution, further increasing the speed and efficiency of the service. To accomplish this, SFL introduced Robotic Process Automation on key carrier contracts, reducing the time taken to update the contracts and providing further accuracy on rates and tariffs.

By fusing Robotic Process Automation with a traditional Business Process Offshoring service, SFL was able to provide the customer with a significantly more efficient solution than their in-house capabilities while reducing cost, enabling the Australian office to focus on business criticality.



8,000 individual product line items entered per month.

266 Hours Time Saved per month.


10,000 Rate Lines entered per month.

166 Hours Time Saved per month.

2 Days processing time reduced from 6 Days per cycle.