Connecting African countries to the rest of the world and within Africa.


One of the largest African Land Transportation & Logistics Providers that functions connecting African countries to the rest of the world and within Africa.


1. Transportation delays due to documentation errors at borders increasing detention charges and prolonged cargo delivery times.

2. Complexity of operations: Shipments have multiple container, break bulk etc which has to be split to different trucks for delivery of cargo

3. Customs compliance on managing transit bonds due to the volume of truckloads and the different locations of delivery.

4. Unable to identify key milestones and exceptions for customs clearance, border clearance activities.

5. Irregular geo-compliance regarding tax calculations, invoicing and special report customizations.


Implemented the following Modules:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Tariff Module
  • Freight Forwarding Module
  • Transport Module
  • Finance Module

Installation of electronic invoicing with a PDF writer enabling coding to read pixels and print invoices with electronic numbers.

Custom fields with milestones for greater custom operations.

Tax set up with a VAT report to be uploaded directly to government portal.

Invoice customizations for types of invoices required special template changes.

Report Customizations as existing CargoWise One operation reports did not support the business requirement.


Electronic automated invoicing Replacing Manual Intervention For invoicing.

100% Automation tax submissions to the government.

100% Automation in business within 10 Months.

25 Customizations
Of reports as per
Client requirement
Not available in CW1.