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Middleware gets its name from being in the middle of an end-to-end transaction. It is a complex tool that can contain multiple features, but to simplify the definition, middleware is basically the connection of two or more software or software components on a distributed network.

For logistics businesses, this would mean that your ERP, such as CargoWise One, would produce data in a certain format that would then need to be converted to a format acceptable to the recipient software, and vice versa. The main purpose of middleware then would be to convert data from one format to another to allow two software to share data efficiently and accurately.

There are numerous benefits that this solution can bring your business, including:

  • Increased automations, reduced manual data entry
  • Secure data transfer between software
  • Seamless flow of real-time information within and among systems in network
  • Enables different applications to communicate, despite differences in platforms and protocols
  • Enterprise level scaling of IT infrastructure is much more straight-forward
  • Streamlines processes of the organization increasing efficiency
  • Integrity and accuracy of information remains intact

Middleware combines multiple app services to a single application that you are using, allowing you to add features without having to invest in a whole other software.

To see how Middleware helps Freight Forwarders, read this case study which demonstrates how SFL implemented our proprietary middleware and the benefits our client achieved:

Solutions available on the market:

  1. Xpand IT:
  2. Soft Freight Logic:  
  3. Clover Infotech: