How Can You Improve Sales As a Freight Forwarder

Digitally transform your freight forwarding processes to maximize efficiency

Digital transformation for freight procurement enables you to update your transport management systems to offer real-time pricing, space, and schedule data to customers with electronic booking capabilities. Integrations further allow:

  • Instant search results for rates and schedules
  • Digitally faster bookings directly with carriers
  • Real time scheduling and tracking data

Use digitally efficient Sales Tools

If you have digitally transformed your operations, utilizing sales tools will be easy.

What will be difficult is to decide which solution, or combination of solutions will drive sales leads and sales. Your decision will come down to how your organization functions, its size and your sales strategy. a few key sales tools include:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • CargoWise CRM

Invest in digital marketing to drive leads

Digital marketing for logistics enables your business to overcome the limitations of physical networking and drive leads to keep customers engaged, highlight your digital investments and grow sales.

Members of the Alliance Network will have complementary consultations and services by the Soft Freight Logic’s digital marketing division.

Digitally Network on LinkedIn

Utilize networking groups to create social relationships virtually and harness the power of social networking to create awareness to of your services and brand

Join a digital freight forwarding network

In this digital era, it’s important your organization belongs to a digital freight forwarding network and not just the conventional freight network. A digital network will enable you to collaborate on a single ERP, to enable greater connectivity, trade, and higher return on technology investments.

Soft Freight Logic offers complementary health checks to members of The Alliance Network to help ascertain your organization’s stance in the digital transformation process. In addition, members will also have exclusive access to a digital marketing strategy that will allow freight forwarders to be noticed and attract customers.

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