UK, US Implementation and Training


A freight forwarding company with strategic offices in four countries, USA, India, UK and Turkey.


The company’s presence resulted in individual offices using software in silos as each office was using the software that was the best fit for the local requirements. To manage data entry and maintain sanitized master data into 4 different software, the company created a centralized data processing division.

However, the management was unable to obtain a consolidated view of the business and dedicate the time to identify gaps due to the complexity of user navigation on each software’s operating system.

Country-Wise Gaps addressed through a single-system were needed as follows:

  1. UK Customs and VAT filing
  2. USA Customs and AMS filing
  3. India Geo Compliance
  4. Turkey Invoice Compliance

Additionally, the company sought to provide uniform service experience to its customers through supporting cargo automation, milestone visibility, integration capabilities and reporting. 


SFL was chosen as the implementation and training partner due to its domain expertise, local presence and extensive knowledge of customs and finance on CargoWise One.

The consultation took the form of a detailed requirement mapping of each country of operations to understand the company requirements followed by a proposal of the module requirements. Projects were selected to meet the needs of the problems outlined and upon sign off, the implementation and training commenced.


100+ of Licenses on 5 modules

66 Hours Time Saved per Month on Data Entry

04 Legacy Systems Transitioned to 1 ERP

100% Staff Trained on all CargoWise One Modules

2 Customs and 45 EDI Messaging in 2 Countries UK – USA.

24 Weeks Freed Up per Year