Business Partner License


The client is a logistics solutions provider with offices in India and United States. The client specialises in establishing contracts with partners to gain a competitive edge.


The company runs on a legacy software system that is not compatible with the CargoWise One platform used by their partners, requiring double entry of data, increased manpower and manual intervention.

The business is in the process of expanding offices to other countries in the Indian Subcontinent and therefore require business continuity and global macro operational view of offices using a singular platform so that information is not on different systems.

Introduction of automations to transition from email communications and enable business continuity through remote working and improve throughput was sought. Finally, the company was seeking to increase customer visibility to shipments and order management by providing a digital platform for customers to obtain rates, book, track, manage and pay for their shipments.


As the world’s most widely adopted and holistic Logistics Enterprise Resource Planning Software, CargoWise One was the best fit for the client. SFL, being a business partner in India, was able to educate the client on the software capabilities and provide a comprehensive report on how the software would enable the client to overcome its problems outlined above.

Satisfaction in SFL’s role facilitating and consulting on the technology adaptation process resulted in SFL conducting the implementation and training of the software to all staff within the company as well as integration to key partners. Furthermore, SFL also provides the client with Helpdesk support and created a website that provided a customer portal for visibility and digital booking.

This enabled the client to make the transformation to a digital freight forwarder and strengthened the clients commitment to embracing technology as a key process in their business.


25+ No of Partners Connected

30+ No of Licenses

10 Branches on CargoWise

100% Staff Trained on CargoWise One

05 Digital Tools Created Providing 360 Connected Logistics Solution

05 Modules Implemented Finance, Freight Forwarding, PO, Management, Rates and Tariffs