SFL Elevates Global Footprint with a Strategic Expansion into Japan

Soft Freight Logic (SFL Tech), a global leader in logistics and supply chain technology solutions, is expanding into Japan, marking a transformative milestone in the company’s global journey.

Global Impact, Local Commitment:

In a remarkable leap forward, the Soft Freight Logic (SFL) team extends its reach to Japan, embodying a profound commitment to revolutionizing the logistics landscape on a global scale. With a client base exceeding 250+ and a dynamic team of over 100+ professionals across continents, SFL brings a wealth of experience to Japan, aligning global expertise with the Japanese local market’s unique needs.

Digitally elevating Japanese businesses:

Backed by over 300 years of cumulative domain experience, SFL’s core objective is to guide businesses in the supply chain industry toward seamless technology adoption, change management, and digital transformation. Going beyond the conventional boundaries of technology provision, SFL’s commitment transcends solution offerings. It is dedicated to creating an environment where businesses can truly thrive in the digital era.

CEO Ikraam Reyaz expresses, “Our entry into Japan is driven by a profound commitment to empower the logistics sector in the region. We envision being the driving force behind Japanese enterprises with global supply chains, guiding them towards industry best practices for supply chain growth. Additionally, our dedication extends to propelling local Japanese businesses into the digital age, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. Our mission is to facilitate global compliance across customs, finance, operations, and sustainability mandates—ushering in an era of transformative success.”

SFL’s presence in Tokyo serves as the company’s regional foothold in Japan. This allows Japanese businesses and entities to access SFL’s comprehensive portfolio of services from a local office and a dedicated team functioning from within the locality.

On-the-Ground Support:

An integral aspect of SFL’s expansion strategy lies in our team of seasoned experts, deeply ingrained in the local landscape, business practices, cultural nuances, and industry challenges.

Beyond technology, their proficiency extends to understanding the intricate dynamics of the supply chain and logi-tech industry in Japan. They tailor solutions that directly address these challenges, providing unparalleled support to navigate your business concerns effectively.

Japan stands as a key global player on the international stage, emerging as an influential regional hub for supply chain activities. With an unwavering commitment to precision, efficiency, and innovation, Japan not only significantly influences global trade but also shapes the future of supply chain dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our presence in Japan represents a dedicated commitment to fostering mutual growth within the market and contributing to the Japanese economy. More than a business partnership, we envision a collaboration that transcends industries, uplifting not only businesses but also expanding the professional horizons for logisticians in Japan.

Spanning over 6 continents, with 17+ offices globally, SFL is headquartered in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

For media inquiries, please contact:

Imran Kabeer
Head of Marketing